Does Luxury Real Estate Need Luxury Staging?

In all my years of preparing exceptional properties for sale, I can say one thing for certain – luxury homes require exceptional staging!  Carolina Spaces Furniture & Design has won many awards for Best Luxury Staging including the 2018 LUX Life Magazine Leading Designers Award for Most Outstanding Luxury Staging – NC, a UK-based international award. 

Most everyone is aware of what home staging is and how it works.  While the principles are the same for staging the high-end luxury market, the process takes off in the direction of design.  Luxury home buyers want to see the lifestyle they aspire to in a home - and the luxury stager needs to convey this.  One cannot expect a top dollar offer for a multi-million dollar estate when the buyer is left to wander through empty, barren rooms that feel cold and uninviting.  Staging is necessary to define the scale and flow of the rooms and luxury staging is needed to inspire those high-end buyers to fall in love with the home and the lifestyle it portrays.  Not only must the stager have an eye for updating and details, but they must also have the experience and inventory to execute the project.

The quality of the staging furnishings installed is directly related to the buyer's perception of the home's quality.  How would laminate countertops affect a high-end buyer's perception of a luxury home?  The same applies for furnishings!  Will a discerning buyer with expensive tastes pick up on that poor quality table that is the wrong scale?  You bet!  Will they notice the cheap sofa that appears to be a nice style but when they sit on it, they sink down into the broken springs on this garage sale find?  All of this affects the buyer’s overall perception of the home and does nothing to create that "dream lifestyle.” Inappropriate furnishings are revolting and discourage buyers by weakening the home’s overall luxurious feel.  

Lavish fabrics and linens, high-end new furniture, eye-catching new accessories and exceptional new artwork are required for luxury staging.  When done correctly, luxury staging seamlessly complements the luxurious finishes within the home.  Luxury staging needs to show buyers how they would live in the home if they moved in tomorrow. 

At Carolina Spaces Furniture & Design, we have decades of experience providing customized staging for luxury properties.  A luxury home may require made to order furnishings in a specific style and finish.  We give the house what it needs.  We also procure custom upholstery and customized art for our luxury stagings. Our staging helps sell luxury homes faster and for a higher sales price, even those that have languished unsold.  Our awards, testimonials and statistics speak for us.  Contact us at 1-855-SPACES-5 or visit

How do you choose the right luxury staging professional?  Stay tuned for our next blog!

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